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Patient testimonial

Thursday 29th December 2011

"Thanks for the "human touch"

I just wanted to write and thank you for your support over the last few months, whilst I was undergoing investigation for heart disease It was a traumatic time, especially my travelling to Harley Street,which as you know my flight was impacted by severe fog at London City Airport, which meant not only was my flight 2 hours late but was then redirected to Gatwick. This meant that despite significant additional time left for my angiogram, I was in fact 3 hours late for my

appointment. However this situation was made much easier by your regular communication and reassurance that regardless the time of my arrival I would be seen, which given the distance I had travelled and the journey I had had not to mention the nervousness about the procedure and outcome, was very welcome and put me at ease.

I was fortunate to have a positive outcome to the procedure, but due to my late arrival I unexpectedly needed to stay overnight. You sanctioned this with my insurance company and sorted out any subsequent queries regarding charges.

Additionally when I suffered some swelling to my wrist afterward, following a fall, you were quick to offer me an early appointment to review, have an x-ray carried out and put my mind at rest.

Your treatment was first class, in terms of medical, aftercare and the human touch. I truly believe you see your patients as individuals with specific needs and circumstances. Thank you so much for your care.

Mrs. Jules Colins Glasgow