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Monday 17th September 2012

"Holy" Telemedicine! - helping to preserve the parish.

Dr. Forbat had medical oversight and care of me for some weeks. During this time he monitored my heart, blood pressure and weight.

Using a computer [[email protected] Hub], made available by him for the duration of his oversight, I was able to send him each morning and evening, the information he needed to understand my cardiac situation, my blood pressure and related weight.

From my personal blood pressure and pulse monitor, I sent him the daily readings. These included, as requested by the computer [Hub], my weight and responses to questions about my well being indicated by the monitor. Dr. Forbat phoned from time to time for any clarification he might have needed.

The outcome was that a) by monitoring my medication and b) attending to the various daily computer readings, he was able to reduce my weight and blood pressure. Furthermore, on having s heart pacemaker fitted as he prescribed, my pulse rate aquired a more acceptable beat. The hitherto irregular beat was normalised and little by little my personal energy levels began to rise. This rise in energy level has been slow, but very notable with the passing of the weeks since Dr. Forbat's treatment.

At the conclusion of Dr. Forbat's period of care I returned the computer [Hub] to him. As the blood pressure monitor is my personal property, it has remained here and I use it to take my blood pressure and pulse readings every day, for my own information.

Canon Brendan MacCarthy Hersham, Surrey

Friday 25th May 2012

"Peace of mind thousands of mile away"

I took the Hub on holiday to Australia so Doctor Forbat could monitor

my blood pressure, ECG, etc. from the UK.


The Hub is so easy to use, just plug into the socket and charge Hub ready for use.The Hub can also be tailored to each patient's needs.


It made me feel more secure that Dr. Forbat was monitoring my progress daily and was able to adjust my medication accordingly.


Knowing that Dr. Forbat is keeping an eye on me thousands of miles from home gave me the peace of mind to enjoy my holiday.

Susan has used the [email protected] hub three times since then
Susan Reynolds Chepstow