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11th March 2009

"All our anxiety levels were reduced"


When our 91 year old Mother's condition became unstable we were unable to get a second opinion through our G.P., without having to attend an assessment and echocardiogram at the district general hospital. It was January, very cold and she was very frail spending most of her time in bed. As nurses we found this unacceptable and requested a private domiciliary visit through our G.P. to a Cardiologist or a Physician who specialised in Care of The Elderly, but again we were told this was not possible.


We now found that we were up against a brick wall and felt that a visit to hospital could exacerbate her already deteriorating condition and put her at risk of hospital aquired infections.


After investigating we were told the tests our Mother required could be done at home, but were not available under the N.H.S. due to Health and Safety reasons.


Following phone calls to the private sector we came across the name of Dr Lance Forbat and within 48 hours Dr Forbat had visited, carried out a full medical review, all the tests that our Mother required and left us with a [email protected] System.


All our anxiety levels were reduced and we felt we had some control in the management of her condition, with daily contact from an expert. Our Mother was able to stay in the comfort of her own home, retaining her self esteem and dignity.


Dr. Forbat was very approachable, treating her with respect and ensuring that she received the best possible care irrespective of her age.


Shirley Nichols, Linda Bywater, Ann Evans.  Almondsbury, Bristol

October 2008

" help and reassurance to anyone"

“I hope the following story of my experience of cardioversion may be of help and reassurance to anyone who is about to undergo the same procedure.

My GP diagnosed Atrial Fibrillation when I attended his surgery with a rapid and irregular pulse rate at the end of 2007..

I was referred to Dr Forbat who suggested that cardioversion might be effective in my case and prescribed a regime of tablets, including Warfarin.  He explained that an anti-coagulant was required to prevent the formation of blood clots.  I’m pleased to say I’ve had no unpleasant effects from taking any of the drugs...

I had imagined that when my heart was once again in rhythm I’d miraculously return to normal immediately!  This was not so and Dr Forbat later explained that following cardioversion it takes a few days for the heart and the body to adjust.

…The following day I went for a short walk and found to my dismay that I was quite breathless after a very slight incline.  The following couple of days I carried out my normal housework but felt my legs quite heavy and I still felt breathless when climbing the stairs.  Disappointment reigned! 

On the evening of the fifth day I realised that the heaviness in the legs and breathlessness had lessened and I didn’t feel quite so tired.  Thereafter as each day passed for several weeks there was a noticeable difference in my stamina and the light-headedness had gone.  I had stopped puffing and blowing when I climbed the stairs!

It’snow almost 5 months since I had my cardioversion and I continue to cycle and walk regularly and more vigorously than I have for quite some time.  I’m enjoying my feeling of fitness and long may this continue.

I have great confidence in Dr Forbat’s expertise and competence and find his readiness to explain and discuss my case helpful and reassuring.  I’m very grateful to him for his care and attention. “ 

Catherine E. Bowe