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Tuesday,13 October 2009

"Based on personal experience over an extended period"

I can highly recommend Dr. Lance Forbat in his specialist areas of cardiovascular consultation and treatment.  

Some specific reasons behind my recommendation are as follows:  

·      Persistence and determination in the search for cause

·      Detailed, illustrative and candid explanations provided to the       

       patient at all times

·      Attention to minutiae

·      Skilful presentation to insurers, leading to maintenance of 

        continued funding

·      Very rapid response to enquiries, by phone, text or e-mail

·      Effective liaison with other consultants, as well as with the GP

·      Personal involvement in and familiarity with cutting-edge 

       research in his field

·      A friendly, approachable manner, helping to put any patient at 


In conclusion, Dr. Forbat makes one feel like a real person rather than a collection of symptoms and, even on that score alone, deserves high praise and recommendation.

Frances Ross-Watt, Dunblane October 2009 (now deceased)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

"Derek Parker: [email protected] - 2009"

Doc @ Home Hub (see video)

Having undergone aortic heart valve replacement surgery, my partner –Derek- was experiencing a protracted recovery for several reasons. He spent a three week stay at Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow, and was under the care of Dr. Lance Forbat. During this very difficult time, Dr. Forbat was very attentive indeed and actually placed much emphasis on arranging to visit Derek when I could also be present. This was very much appreciated, and actually served as to offer both of us much reassurance, and accurate first hand information surrounding Derek’s progress.

Having declared Derek clinically well, Dr. Forbat considered that his recovery would be further facilitated by returning home to familiar surroundings, in other words the psychological aspect of his recovery would benefit.

In order that the clinical aspect of Derek’s progress could continue to be monitored, Dr. Forbat introduced us to ‘[email protected]’. The latter may be described as a small hand held hub, into which data may be entered, transmitted via the telephone line, and ultimately translated by the doctor. Each day, it was necessary to monitor Derek’s blood pressure, saturated oxygen, heart rate and weight. It was also possible to perform an ECG using this hub, simply by maintaining skin contact with sensors on the touch points. In addition, questions were also prompted with simple options to provide the answers. This may sound like a fairly laborious process, but it was actually possible to complete tasks and questions within perhaps seven or eight minutes in total, even if the respondent did not feel like being particularly compliant.

Data collated was then simply sent down the line, to be received by Dr. Forbat who communicated either by sending a message to the hub, or by discussing more in depth issues by e-mail or telephone. Having attended subsequent consultations, this data was also presented graphically and in tabular form in order to demonstrate the culmination of this data and how it served as to indicate possible contraindications pertaining to Derek’s wellbeing. For example, the ‘traffic light’ system of alerts was explained by demonstrating that if Derek’s weight was to suddenly increase, then an alert (Red or amber) might be received. If all was well, then this would be indicated as may be anticipated by the colour green. It was explained that a sudden increase in weight of perhaps one kilogram may actually indicate a gain of one litre of fluid. The appropriate course of action would then be initiated. It was also stressed that the parameters for the levels of alerts were actually set by Dr. Forbat, and so would serve as early indicators for possible undesirable consequences.

Having the [email protected] hub early in Derek’s recovery really did provide us both with the comfort that his condition was being managed and closely monitored on a daily basis. The technology was strongly supported by Dr. Forbat’s intervention, and this provided us with confidence that he was still looking after Derek, even if he happened to be hundreds of miles away.

For us, it meant that life was able to return to something like ‘normal’, without Derek having to endure an even longer stay in hospital. This was vital to Derek’s recovery.

Finally, we would both like to express our gratitude for the ongoing level of care and commitment displayed by Dr. Forbat, and will look forward to future consultations.

Kindest regards,

Derek Parker and Kimberley Cassidy, Glasgow