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Monday 16 May 2011

Cardioversion aftercare

I thought it might be of interest to update my experience following the successful Cardioversion procedure to correct Atrial Fibrillation which Dr Forbat carried out in May 2008*. I have continued to see him at six monthly intervals to monitor my condition. 

At these consultations I have had ECG and blood pressure checks and my medication has been reviewed.  The drugs prescribed by Dr Forbat are effective and appear to be having no adverse effect and so no change has been necessary.  I cycle and walk regularly without any feeling of heaviness in my legs or abnormal breathlessness when I exert myself.  However I do find it extremely difficult to lose excess weight.

Following my visit to Dr Forbat in October 2010, he arranged for a recorder to be attached to my chest for 24 hours to check my heart functions. I had an appointment with him three weeks later for the results of the test and was very pleased to hear that there was no indication of any abnormality and that all was well.  He suggested that I attend his clinic annually or alternatively contact him only in the event of any problem.

Despite my continuing good health I’ve decided to attend his clinic annually and plan to make an appointment to consult him in October 2011. I have great confidence in Dr Forbat and it has been a valuable reassurance for me to be monitored so closely by him over the last three years.  

Catherine E Bowe, ARDRISHAIG, Argyll 

Cumbria heart support group closing after 17 years: A tribute from Ron Copeland

Lance Forbat arrived at West Cumberland Hospital WhitehavenApril 1995. The Introduction of Cardiology at West Cumberland is indebted to Lance Forbat for highlighting to the Trust the serious shortfall in appropriate Cardiological Services. He commenced to build a team around him second to none, and from a position of underinvestment the Coronary unit under his care developed into a cohesive department.  He was the first Interventionally trained Cardiologist, his appointment enabled the West Cumbrian patients to have their Angiograms and Pacing Implants carried out  by Dr Forbat at their local Hospital thus saving the patient a round trip of hundreds of miles. Previous to Dr Forbat’s appointment, a visiting Cardiologist had seen TEN (10) patients per Month. Dr Forbat increased this to 144 per Month plus being contracted to undertake 240 Angiograms and 40 New pacemaker implants. After his departure is there any wonder why he is still revered by the Heart patient and public of West Cumbria.                         


                 Founder / Chairman                            

    Of West Cumbria Heart & Angina Support Group            

Charity No 1023252. (now closed)

This Charity having raised over £400,000 since 1993.

Ronnie Copeland (deceased)