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Equipment Rental, Purchasing and Monitoring Service

Dr. Forbat reviews all results twice daily and more often as required if there are urgent matters arising from the results, or the patient contacts him with a symptom that needs review.

In patients who require measurement of oxygen saturation (chronic obstructive lung disease or" COPD", asthma, severe heart failure) an oxygen probe this is provided. Automated blood pressure cuffs can be bought at reasonable prices from local chemists and this is advised.  In his experience patients often like to continue there own checks and are encouraged to do so after returning the [email protected]Submitome Hub. Alternatively they can be loaned with the Hub on request. Home scales with kg calibrations are advised (1kg = 1 litre of water) to monitor short term changes in fluid balance, as well as longer term weight loss or gain. Patients with asthma or COPD my have peak flow meters already, if not these can be bought at reasonable prices from local chemists, or they can be loaned with the Hub on request. Diabetics can enter their blood sugar readings. 

The embedded questions will be tailored to suit each individual and can be altered at any time to meet changes in circumstances and medications. Record palpitations, chest pain, breathlessness, exercise ability and more.

The [email protected] hub is portable and communicates with the Docobo website using an O2 mobile chip in the base unit, so it can easily be taken to work or abroad on business or holiday. Dr. Forbat can access results 24 hours on his iPhone.  He can monitor your progress, receive alerts and send messages from anywhere using this secure website.

My fee of £450.00/week for the original hub (n.b. £500.00 for Careportal) is equated to approximately the daily allowance by insurers for 'in-patient cover' (i.e for availability and ward visits) and the additional charge of the data handling on the Docobo server.

If you decide after a trial to purchase the hub (and any peripherals) for longterm monitoring, my monitoring fee with a 'weekly' review is £80.00/week for [email protected] original hub (this will be phased out with Careportal only in next year or two) and £90.00/week for the Careportal hub. If you decide at any time that you require my 'daily input', a defined period can be agreed and my full fees above will apply for the duration. This will necessitating updating the direct debit, before reverting to the weekly rate at the end of the period. 

If you wish purchase equipment (details on request) for longterm monitoring, weekly payments need to be made in advance by direct debit. Payments should be made to MTT (Cardiology) Ltd and details are provided at time of contract

Audit of my first 42 cases (available on Docstore for members of doctors.net) with my paper. My next audit for a 100 cases is in progress.

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Continious recordings

Barrett et al showed patients who had worn a Holter monitor for 24 hours, and a ZIO® Patch for up to 14 days, showed a 57% greater diagnostic yield than the Holter monitor, primarily due to prolonged monitoring.

The ZIO® XT Patch is noninvasive, water-resistant, has no leads or wires, and is discrete to wear. It continuously records heartbeats for up to 14 days - including during sleep, in the shower, and during moderate exercise - and has a large button on top for patients to capture symptomatic events.

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