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Private Cardiology Services

Medicolegal reports

and Court attendence


Fees requested within 30 days of billing.

Simple report:   

i.e  Single issue: £800 - £1200 including 2-3 hours researching, preparation & writing report (£200/hr). 

The length of a report is not the determinant on its pedigree, e.g. double spacing doubles the number of pages. Furthermore distillation of large amounts of reading into a concise opinion can be the outcome of a lot of work or “due diligence” on my part. 

Complex cases

Complex cases:

If there are large documents to review such as hospital notes (for example I allow 1 minute for reading 2 sides of an A4 page) and investigations such as radiology images, then my invoice will include a detailed breakdown to reflect this work.

Court attendance:£1000.00/day plus expenses, including attendance for any summons from the Court.  I will invoice for any shortfall from allowable Court expenses. 

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