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Requires admission to hospital

Day case or overnight stay

Implantable Loop Recorder


An ILR is a small, slim computer which is implanted with local anaesthetic under the skin on the left upper chest. It  records your heart’s electrical activity. It has a battery that can last up to three years, so it can record your heart rhythm over a long period of time. This is useful if simple tests like an ECG have been unable to determine the cause of your symptoms. The procedure takes a few minutes and you can go home afterwards.

Coronary angiogram

or cardiac catheter

An angiogram is performed with local anaesthetic and requires admission for a few hours. It involves passing a small tube into the radial or femoral artery (in the groin) artery (at the wrist) to inject radiopaque contrast (dye) into the coronary arteries and allows Dr. Forbat to see your coronary arteries and find out if there are narrowings, where they are and how severe. He can then advise on future treatment. The image opposites shows contrast in a normal right coronary artery.