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Rhythm and heart rate 

DC cardioversion

resetting normal heart rhytm

  • Cardioversion

    If you have an abnormal heart rhythm such as atrial fibrillation you may benefit  from cardioversion. It involves a short-acting general anaesthetic or heavy sedation so you will be asleep  throughout the procedure. Electrodes, stuck to large sticky pads, are attached to your chest. The electrodes are connected to a defibrillator machine and the doctor will give you one or more controlled electric shocks to your chest wall. The whole procedure usually lasts about 10 minutes


backing up your heart rate 

  • Pacemakers

    A pacemaker is a small computer device implanted to treat some abnormal heart rhythms that can cause your heart to beat too slowly or miss beats. Most pacemakers can help the all the chambers of your heart beat in time.

You will need to have had tests beforehand to see if you are suitable, usually an ECG, often an ETT and ECHO and ambulatory recording (e.g Zio Patch) to make the diagnosis and chose the best option for you.  

Requiring a major centre

referral may be required