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Private Cardiology Services 

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My fees are the same for self funding and insured patients

Please be aware there will be a charge of £20.00 for each e-mail or text exchange related to treatment.

Self funding patients

Patients will be sent an invoice by post following the treatment and can pay by cheque or BACS as directed on the invoice. Payment is requested by return. Reminders will be sent if no payment is received. 

Payment is not accepted using credit or debit cards in clinic, however payments can be made at the time by BACS transfer on line, or on this website via Paypal buttons. Alternatively a cheque (with guarantee card) or cash will be receipted on the day. Hospital charges will be separate and normally paid directly to them by credit card as they swipe it at reception.

Payment can be made prior to visiting clinic using BACSPAYPAL or cheque as above. 

I have a cancellation fee of £110 (= half my new patient fee) if I am given less than 24hrs notice by the patient and will be invoiced accordingly.

(N.B. Non-payment or shortfall is always successfully recovered through the small claim courts)

Home visits: Travel will be charged at £0.65/mile round trip.

Insured patients

Insurance companies will be invoiced directly unless otherwise specified.

Insurance companies will reimburse fees for cardiology consultations and investigations provided at all clinics run Dr. Forbat, subject to their usual policy agreements (CHF Leaflet.pdf)

Insurers include: AXA-PPP(*), AVIVA, Pru Health, Benenden Health, BUPA International(**), CIGNA, CS Healthcare, Simply Health (now part of AXA-PPP), WPA  and others Medial Insurance examinations are also provided.

NB: Preauthorisation for Treatment from an Insurer

Patients may find when seeking preauthorisation of treatment by specific consultants that they have been referred to, that the insurer attempts to intervene in this referral process by stating that the particular consultant is “expensive” or an “over-charger”. Patients should always insist on seeing the consultant of their choice and should always request an estimate of fees prior to treatment if the clinical circumstances allow this. See FIPO advice

Consultant fees are not negotiated by insurers, but are our professional fees and are a contract with the patient and not the insurer. Insurers vary in their policy agreements with patients. My fees are the same across the board for self pay and insured and are clearly set out in the "services and products" page on my site.

*AXA-PPP do not cover my fees from 18.01.14 and reducing your choice of experienced consultants.

** Bupa (and BUPA international) will not cover my fees: note they are removing senior colleagues who refuse to drop fees to their low levels, reducing your choice of experienced consultants.

Dr. Forbat's current patients insured with Bupa or AXA-PPP are advised contact Dr. Forbat prior to their next appointment and if they are referred elsewhere please inform him before making any decision*. He advises you contact the Insurance Ombudsman (for information visit www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/consumer/complaints.htm) to protest.

Tel: 0845 080 1800
Financial Ombudsman Service
South Key Place
183 Marsh Wall
E14 9SR

Also contact the Patients Associations in UK (Tel: 0845 608 4455, Michael Watson Director of Advice and Information e-mail: [email protected], website www.patients-association.com).

New patients insured with Bupa and AXA-PPP wishing to see him are always welcome, but will be told he is no longer 'a recognised provider' and referred elsewhere. PCS is proud to advertise that Dr. Forbat provides unique services, including [email protected] service (currently not covered by AXA-PPP, Bupa), home visits with ECG and ECHO, as well as his clinics providing continuity across the UK.

*For background issues, please also see his "Heart2Heart" Blog on the topics of Private Medical Insurance and The Competition and Markets Association (CMA).

Fore more information about private practice see FIPO and The FIPO Patient Charter

Please see my "Heart2Heart blog" and link to my new Your comments are welcome via the blog.