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Exercise treadmill test


An exercise ECG is an ECG that is recorded while you are walking on a treadmill (or cycling on an exercise bike) to see how your heart works when you are more active. It can help me find out if you have coronary heart disease, as it shows whether your heart muscle is getting enough blood from the coronary arteries during physical activity. An exercise ECG is also helpful for looking at how well your heart is working after heart surgeries and procedures, such as coronary bypass surgery or coronary angioplasty. There can be false result especially in young women or those with aytpical symptoms and a CT calcium score with CT angiogram are more specific.

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Tilt Test

Syncope test

Tilt test

A tilt test is used to diagnose  vasovagal syncope or neurocardiogenic syncope, also known as common faints. The test aims to reproduce symptoms of dizziness or fainting under controlled and monitored conditions to help the cardiologist to make a diagnosis.

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