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from St. Thomas' Hospital

Dr. Lance N. Forbat

MD award RCP London

Revalidated on 18.08.2014 - for 5 years

Qualifications and Degrees

B.Sc.  Physiology 1st, London.      1977    M.B.B.S.                                      1980   

M.R.C.P.                                      1984   

M.D.                                            1994   

F.R.C.P. London                           1999  

F.R.C.P. Glasgow                          2001


St. Thomas’ Endowment  Award    1978  

BHF Junior Research Fellowship    1987   

JCC Rorer Scholarship Finalist       1990


British Cardiac Society

European Society of Cardiology

Hospital Consultants Specialist Association

Medical Protection Society