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[email protected] Doctor offers a personal cardiology service through MTT(Cardiology)Ltd. Find a clinic or request a home visit. Dr. Forbat aims to reply within same day or within 24 hours. Private Cardiology Services are run by Dr. Forbat at clinics across the UK. The Careportal telemedicine service enables Dr. Forbat to monitor & treat your heart & related conditions at home. If you are worried about high cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes,  or a family history of heart attacks, angina or high lipids or you suffer from chest pain, breathlessness, palpitation or have fainted unexpectedly. Dr. Forbat is an independent heart specialist offering a private cardiology service. He provides a cutting edge telemedicine service with Docobo Careportal to monitor your vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and more. You can upload your ECG during symptoms and enter your anxiety score, tell him what action you took. Dr. Forbat can send messages to the hub including advice on changes in medication according to your results. Have peace of mind for you or a loved one. Continuous recording is provided by the Zio Patch monitor. He is also an expert witness providing medico-legal reports, attends court and provides second opinions. Visit him on twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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Docobo Hub original (not in use)

The original Docobo Hub enabled patients to record your ECG, respiratory rate, oxygen content of the blood and enter blood pressure, medication and symptoms. It also received messages from your doctor. This is seen in the video but has been superseded by the Careportal and no longer avaialble.

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ECHO                                                      Careportal 

Automated BP                                         Zio Patch
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The newer Careportal has now replaced the original docobo with additional features including a camera to take images for the doctor to diagnose problems and the facility for Skype conversations.

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Personalised questions and alerts are part of the service

Personalised question set

Your personalised question set is downloaded to the hub by Dr. Forbat from the Docobo website and he can set alerts to meet specific criteria for your condition to prompt him to act.

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1. Spire Bristol Hospital
The Glen, Redland Hill
Durdham Down

2. The Harley Street Clinic                                                       
35 Weymouth Street                                                          
W1G 8BJ 

3. Nuffield Hospital                                                                   
25 Beaconsfield Road

G12 0PJ